Of all the nail polishes available in the year 2022, these five stand out as the best nail polish of 2022.

Things To Consider

Before we get into the top three picks, it’s important to think about what you’ll need in a nail polish. If you want only want a temporary manicure for one day, try looking for special nail polishes that don’t require you to use an airbrush or similar tool. For those who want long-lasting nails with no damage, consider investing in nail polish that won’t chip easily. Other important factors are if the colour is too sheer and if it requires more than two coats for full coverage. If your chosen product needs to be shaken before each use, check if there is any way to tell when it will expire. Remember that while gel polish can last up to three weeks on fingernails, most other types have much shorter life spans because they’re prone to chipping and peeling off over time. Acrylics tend to last up to five days, but they may not offer the same level of shine as others. As always, make sure you read reviews from people who’ve used the specific type of nail polish you’re considering.

Brand recognition

Although some might argue that painting your nails is simply a way to get creative, it can also be seen as the ultimate accessory that speaks volumes about you. Understanding this is key when considering what kind of colour and polish to pick out. That’s why we’re rounding up some top picks for the best nail polish in 2022 to help you make your decision.

From brands like OPI, Essie, Nail Inc and Mylee MyGel read below to see our favourite picks from our favourite brands.


Brands like Essie, OPI, Nail Inc and Mylee MyGel offer an array of beautiful shades with varying pigmentation.  For those who want a light touch, brands such as OPI provide a more subtle look. If you want something bolder for your fingertips then there are many options including the dark blue Sugar Daddy by Nails Inc and the vivid Coral Dream by Mygel. As nail polish is just one product in a sea of cosmetics on the market, it’s important to find the right colour that suits your style. Make sure to do some research before investing in your next purchase!

How long does it last?

Nail polish is a great way to experiment with colour and for special occasions. However, after about three days the nails start to look a little chipped and it takes several coats to make it look shiny again. You might be wondering how long does it last? It can last anywhere up to two to four weeks, depending on the nail polish formula. If you want long lasting nails then Gel is the way to go. If you like to change your nail colour often then normal nail polish will suit your needs better.

Tips and Tricks

1. Put a base coat on to protect your nails and get rid of any dirt or oil from the top of your nail.

2. Wait for it to dry, then put one layer on the top coat as well.

3. Finally, you can paint your nails whatever colour you want with nail polish remover in case anything is smudged or messy, then put another layer on the top coat afterwards.

4. Apply more coats if needed and wait for each to dry before applying the next until you’re satisfied with how shiny your nails are.

5. Apply a clear top coat that will keep your polish looking good for days!

6. Here are some of our favourite colour and a few tricks to build long lasting colour or strength

OPI Power of Hue Collection Nail Polish 15ml (Various Shades)OPI Power of Hue Collection Nail Polish 15ml (Various Shades)
essie 6 Ballet Slippers Nail Polish 13.5mlessie 6 Ballet Slippers Nail Polish 13.5ml
essie 13 Mademoiselle Nail Polish 13.5mlessie 13 Mademoiselle Nail Polish 13.5ml
nails inc. Back to Life Recovery Treatment and Base Coat 14mlnails inc. Back to Life Recovery Treatment and Base Coat 14ml
Mylee MyGel Gel Polish - It’s a MatchMylee MyGel Gel Polish – It’s a Match
essie 88 Licorice Nail Polish 13.5mlessie 88 Licorice Nail Polish 13.5ml
nails inc. Superfood Repair Oil 14mlnails inc. Superfood Repair Oil 14ml
OPI Nail Polish - Big Apple Red 15mlOPI Nail Polish – Big Apple Red 15ml
essie Nail Care Speed Setter Quick Dry Nail Polish Top Coatessie Nail Care Speed Setter Quick Dry Nail Polish Top Coat
Mylee Magic Extender Gel - Perfect PinkMylee Magic Extender Gel – Perfect Pink 
OPI RapiDry Top Coat 15mlOPI RapiDry Top Coat 15ml

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