Looking your best can make you feel great about yourself, and it’s easier than you might think to achieve gorgeous-looking skin, shiny hair, and lush eyelashes! Check out these beauty tips that will make you look gorgeous every day of the week.

1) Best beauty tips to understand your skin type

Your skin type, age, and lifestyle all factor into which skincare products you should be using. For example, people who have oily skin shouldn’t use heavy moisturizers, since they’ll just exacerbate their problem. Instead of a face cream or lotion, these people need to try out serums or astringents. Age can play a big role in how our skin responds to treatment as well: Younger skin is naturally better able to fight aging than older skin is. Skin sensitivity also comes into play when choosing your beauty routine. If your skin has allergies or if it breaks out easily, look for natural ingredients instead of synthetic ones when you shop for cosmetics. And no matter what your particular issue may be, it never hurts to visit a dermatologist for an evaluation before getting started on any new treatments. The doctor will assess your situation and give you some advice about how best to treat your skin issues.

2) Opt for a gentle soap or cleanser

Soaps and cleansers can often contain harsh chemicals that dry out skin, stripping it of its natural moisture. Instead, opt for gentle soaps that are rich in vitamin E to hydrate skin and keep it looking young. Plus, face washes containing a mild surfactant is much less drying than traditional soap; look for ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate on a product’s label to identify harsher surfactants. And remember, harsh cleansers and soaps are only one thing you need to avoid; there are plenty of other potential skincare pitfalls in your average drugstore aisle.

3) Use organic products

When it comes to skincare, organic products have a host of positive side-effects. They’re kinder to skin and often promote more hydrating and nutrient-rich ingredients. The end result? Radiant skin that’s less prone to breakouts—and toxins are reduced allowing your skin to breath properly! If you want to make a switch, consider swapping out your cleanser, moisturizer and body lotion with their organic counterparts.

When using a product regularly over an extended period of time, its effects are cumulative. What you put on your skin matters — especially when it comes to something as sensitive as your face. Be sure to only use ingredients that won’t irritate or cause further harm if applied on top of already inflamed or irritated areas!

4) Don’t be too harsh on the skin

Exfoliation is important to help remove dirt and dead skin cells that have built up on your face. To minimize damage, use gentle exfoliators like olive oil or coconut oil once a week. These moisturizing ingredients break down dirt and excess oil without stripping moisture from your skin. Gently rub them in a circular motion all over your face, then rinse with water and pat dry when you’re done.

5) Keep yourself hydrated

Staying hydrated is essential for your skin to function properly, but especially when it’s hot. If you’re feeling thirsty, you are already dehydrated. So drink plenty of water daily to keep yourself and your skin healthy. Steer clear of alcohol, soda and caffeine as they can actually increase dehydration by causing you to urinate more often. If you want something a little different than water try infused water or fruit juice – much healthier choices! Drink plenty of filtered water if possible; it’s less likely to contain impurities or chemicals that could harm your body and skin over time.

6) Stop smoking cigarettes or consuming excessive alcohol

Scientists are still trying to figure out why smoking is so bad for your skin, but many people assume it has something to do with chemicals and toxins. Smokers tend to drink more than non-smokers, which may also be harmful to your health. Another potential cause of aging skin: ultraviolet radiation. Skin that’s exposed to sunlight—even a little bit of sun—can damage collagen and elastin fibers, causing wrinkles. So if you want a fresh, gorgeous look, put down those cigarettes and go outside for some fresh air!

7) Maintain a healthy diet

A healthy diet is part of having a healthy lifestyle. Even if you don’t care about your appearance, you should still follow a balanced diet. Your body needs fuel to keep functioning properly and it will thank you for being kinder to it in the long run! The basics of healthy eating include getting lots of fresh vegetables, lean protein and whole grains; when possible, try opting for organic produce and meat. It’s also important to eat enough food each day: men need at least 1,500 calories while women need at least 1,200 calories (though we all know that some people require more than others). Not only will eating well help keep you at a good weight but it will also prevent serious health problems like heart disease and diabetes, all of which will contribute to you looking and feeling radiant.

8) Get plenty of sleep

Getting enough sleep is often overlooked when it comes to getting healthy and looking your best. Sleep not only helps you maintain a healthy weight (sleeping more will help you avoid over-eating), but it also encourages skin to heal and regenerate itself, which in turn can help prevent wrinkles. Plus, if you’re sleeping well, there’s no way you can be stressed out or grumpy, so an early bedtime could give your face that glowing look from within as well! What’s more important than how much sleep we get is how we treat our skin before going to bed.

9) A good skincare regime for morning and night

A good skincare regime for morning and night includes a simple four-step routine: cleanse, tone, moisturise and protect. Cleanse your skin of any makeup and residue from before bed with a gentle cleanser or water; toning your skin tightens pores and balances out natural oil levels, which can prevent acne as well as make your complexion look clear; moisturising boosts hydration levels in your skin to ensure it looks smooth and supple rather than dry or flaky; while applying an SPF during the day helps you avoid sun damage that can cause wrinkles. Finally, a good way to get in the right mindset for sleep is to actively relax with music or deep breathing whilst carrying out your night-time skin routine.

10) Protect your skin from sun, wind and everyday dirt

Skincare is paramount. Sun damages skin, and skin damage leads to premature aging and skin cancer. Use organic sun cream and wear sunglasses that shield your eyes from damaging UV rays. Protect your skin from the wind by keeping it covered with a scarf or layers in winter. The sun is still strong at that time of year, even if it’s not as hot so remember to use SPF in your make-up. Wash your face before going to bed: When you go to bed after a long day, it’s important that you cleanse your face thoroughly. This removes all dirt and grime that has accumulated during the day, ensuring you wake up looking fresh.

Let us know how you get on with these beauty tips and we hope that in a short period of time your skin is glowing inside and out!

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