Oily skin, especially if you’re prone to acne, can seem like one of the worst things that could happen to your skin. But oily skin doesn’t just make you feel gross — it’s also responsible for causing breakouts, which can range from small whiteheads to cystic breakouts that leave nasty scars on your face. Oily skin and acne often go hand in hand; having oily skin can exacerbate acne, but there are also other causes of acne.

Don’t overload your skin

Oily skin is one of the most common skin types and is caused by overproducing sebum. Having oily skin means you are more prone to acne due to pore clogging, so it’s important to minimise product use as much as possible. The less oil your skin produces, the less likely you are to have breakouts. So be sure to look for products that don’t cause greasiness or weight on your skin. A facial wash should contain no soap, harsh ingredients or heavy fragrances and should gently cleanse with a pH-balanced formula. Follow up with a moisturiser that is light but still contains SPF protection in order to avoid any sun damage that may make existing acne worse.

Keep it clean

If you have oily skin, it’s important to take the time to wash your face correctly. The wrong technique can create a buildup of bacteria that can lead to acne. Follow these steps for smooth skin: 

  1. Wet your face with water. 
  2. Apply a gentle cleanser in a circular motion using your fingertips, making sure to wash all areas of the skin on your face and neck. 
  3. Rinse off your hands and face. 
  4. Pat dry with a clean towel and apply moisturiser immediately after patting dry if needed. 
  5. 5. Dab on some SPF so you don’t get sunburned!

Use the right face wash for you

No matter what type of skin you have, it’s important to use a face wash that’s appropriate for your skin type. For oily skin, choose a face wash that contains ingredients like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. These ingredients will help clear up acne caused by oil-based sebum, as well as prevent new breakouts from forming. Look for products with a gel or lotion-like consistency so they won’t be too drying for your skin type.

Fight off infection

If you have acne, it’s important to keep your skin healthy by avoiding bacteria that can cause breakouts. This means you should avoid touching your face and wash your hands frequently. The best way to fight off an infection is by using products designed for acne-prone skin that contain ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, or tea tree oil. These ingredients help kill the bacteria that cause breakouts. 

You also want to stay away from harsh scrubs and astringents because they strip the natural oils from the skin which only makes things worse in the long run.

Ditch bad habits

A lot of people with oily skin also suffer from acne, but did you know that one of the main causes of acne is picking at your face? If you’ve ever had a pimple and then picked at it to pop it only to have more surface area exposed and more bacteria on your fingers, this is probably the reason. Picking at your skin can also cause hyperpigmentation (dark spots) if you do it often enough. These are usually the marks left behind after old acne scabs or cysts heal. The best thing to do when you feel like picking at your skin is go for a walk or read a book or watch TV for a while- get your mind off of things! You may be surprised how quickly those urges pass when they’re not immediately satisfied by something physical like popping a zit or scratching an itch.

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