Mascara primer helps create the perfect canvas to apply your mascara on, no matter what brand you use or how much you spend. If you’re still not convinced that it’s worth trying out, here are five reasons why everyone needs a mascara primer in their beauty routine.

1) It can lengthen your lashes

Keeping your eyelashes looking long is what mascara primers do best. With a good primer, you won’t need to apply as many coats of mascara. Not only will you save time, but also money and effort when it comes to applying and removing your makeup each day.  Lash primer lengthens lashes by creating a barrier between your natural lashes and any products applied after it. This barrier helps keep mascara from flaking off onto your skin or getting smudged throughout the day.

2) It strengthens your lashes

A primer preps your lashes for mascara by conditioning them and adding volume, helping strengthen them.  Conditioning mascaras can be used on their own but if you’re looking to really build up length and volume then using a mascara primer will help strengthen your lashes before applying your favourite volumizing or lengthening mascara.  Adding vitamin E oil or castor oil treatment is another way to prep your lashes for mascara application. Using one of these oils once a week helps condition your lashes so they are more likely to cope with the stress and weight when you apply mascara which means less fallout throughout the day and you can slowly build your eyelash strength over time.

3) It helps to keep your eyelashes from clumping together

A primer helps prevent your lashes from sticking together and prevents mascara from building up along your lash line. It’s an easy way to get extra volume without much effort: There are certain mascaras that require you to apply more than one coat, but using a primer will help you avoid applying multiple coats, which can damage your lashes.

4) It makes your mascara stay on longer

Wearing a primer as a base coat underneath your mascara extends the wear of your mascara: Using a primer with your mascara will keep it on longer—even up to eight hours—and ensures you don’t have clumps or smudges later in the day. It protects against smudging: Some primers also come with ingredients that help protect against excess oils and other elements (like humidity) that can cause mascara smudging.

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