Excited to welcome in this year’s winter? Let’s do it right by looking at some of this year’s make-up trends! From silver sparkles to grungy eye liner, this year is going to give you a lot of room to experiment and bedazzle!

Silver Sparkle

Silver is making a comeback! You’ll be seeing this popular metallic colour on your lips, eyes, and nails. It’s a fun way to add some bling without being too over the top.  From MAC Dazzleshadow Liquid to Mylee Glitter KITs and Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liner.  Go in and go heavy! Yes, silver isn’t for everyone, but when you find that it looks good on you, why not? There are lots of ways to incorporate silver into your make-up routine. For instance: use a creamy liner as a base then use one of these three tips below to create different effects with glitter or shadow! You can also wear silver lipstick by layering it over black lipstick or try out the trendy ombre lip trend by pairing nude lips with silver glitter at the corners of your mouth.

Single Colour Eye Shadow

A single colour eye shadow is back. The best part? It looks just as good on anyone! Whether its matte, shiny or cream you can make it suit your outfit. Plus this trend is perfect for people who are bad at applying eyeliner. These days there are more colours and textures than ever before so you will never get bored of the same old look.

Intense Lashes

This winter, expect intense lashes! As the years pass and we get older, our lashes often thin out due to the natural aging process. This year make a point of filling your lash line with a more intense mascara than you would typically wear. The right formula will help build up your lash line and give it a fuller look. If you’re looking for an extra boost, try applying an eyelash serum first.  This Christmas you can even go a step further by adding jewels or shaped lashes on your nights out!

Heavy Blusher

The heavy blusher trend is predicted to be one of the most popular winter trends in 2022. The idea behind heavy blushing is that you should have a lot more colour on your cheeks than you would during the warmer seasons. This can include blush, bronzer, highlighter, and it’s a great way to draw attention towards your face and make it pop!

Heavy Under-eye Liner

The grunge look is already popular this season and it’s easy to see why. It’s a no-fuss way of making your eyes pop while still maintaining the natural look that people crave. Go heavy on the under-eye liner and add a dramatic look to your evening

Blue Eye Shadow

Blue eye shadow is a great way to make your eyes stand out. Purple has been a long-standing favourite of mine; however I regularly swap it for blue on special occasions.  There are so many options to look out for, the powder blue or intense blue to dark and midnight.  Have fun exploring the options this winter. From baby blues to navy and deep purples, find the perfect shade for you. Use silver to highlight the inner corners of your eyes or over a black smoky eye as well as other parts of your face like lips and cheekbones. Play around with lighter shades for an extra pop!

Mylee Glitter KIT- Disco NightsMylee Glitter KIT- Disco Nights
KISS Falscara Starter KitKISS Falscara Starter Kit
KISS Glue Liner (Various Shades)KISS Glue Liner (Various Shades)
Barry M Cosmetics Wildlife Eyeshadow Palette - ButterflyBarry M Cosmetics Wildlife Eyeshadow Palette – Butterfly
Makeup Revolution Forever Flawless Bird of Paradise Eyeshadow PaletteMakeup Revolution Forever Flawless Bird of Paradise Eyeshadow Palette

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