If you suffer from itchy, dry skin during the winter months, you’re not alone—dry skin plagues many of us during the colder months of the year. But which dry skin cream will be the best to use to soothe your irritated skin? Read on to learn how to find the right dry skin cream and get your itchiness under control.

Body moisturiser

There are several different types of moisturisers you can use on your skin, depending on the severity and needs of your winter skin. Here’s a look at the best body moisturisers for winter: –

  • Body lotion: A lightweight, water-based product that absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving an oily residue. This type of moisturiser is perfect for those with sensitive skin because it doesn’t contain any fragrances or harsh chemicals. The downside is that these products typically take more time to absorb. That said, they’re great for using as an everyday moisturiser.
  • Cream: These products usually contain more natural ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter or beeswax than other types of body moisturisers so they are heavier and can take longer to absorb into the skin.

Hand creams

Hand cream helps in winter because it is important to keep your hands moisturised. This is especially important when you are outside and wind and cold can dry out your skin in no time. The best hand creams have shea butter in them which helps keep the skin moisturised, plus they also contain anti-inflammatory ingredients that help with itching.   

There are also some people who find themselves using more than one kind of lotion: first putting on a heavy-duty lotion Hand Cream before bedtime then using a lighter lotion during the day.

Foot creams

One of the best ways you can prevent skin from drying out and becoming itchy is by using a foot cream at night before going to bed. A foot cream has moisturisers in it that will help keep your feet from cracking, which in turn will help them stay softer and less likely to itch. Some brands of foot creams are better than others, so make sure you read reviews before purchasing one.

Eye creams

You might not think of eye cream in winter, but the cold air and dry air can cause your skin to feel tight, scaly, and itchy. Eye creams are formulated with ingredients that fight wrinkles as well as moisturise skin—and they’re gentle enough for use around the delicate eye area. In addition to their main ingredient, most eye creams also include a secondary or bonus ingredient that targets the specific needs of people with mature skin or dry skin.

Facial moisturisers

Winter is just around the corner, and your skin will soon be dealing with the dry air, cold temperatures and wind. Facial moisturisers help restore moisture and prevent dry skin as winter approaches. Dry skin can also be caused by a lack of humidity in an area or from overexposure to any environmental elements like wind or sunburn. Whatever the cause, it’s important for your skin health that you use a good moisturiser. Finding the best facial moisturiser can be tricky, but if you know what kind of skin you have there are some products that are better suited to keep your face hydrated. One type of facial moisturiser is cream-based moisturisers which work well on all types of skin because they’re not too heavy or greasy. The next type of facial moisturiser is gel-based because they’re light and cool on the skin making them perfect for people with sensitive skins.

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