Blush has been an essential part of every woman’s makeup routine since the early 20th century, but as makeup trends have evolved, blush formulas have stayed much the same. That is all changing in 2022, as blush cream and stick formulas have become the new standard in cosmetics. Here’s why that trend will take off and what it means for you.

This season’s biggest beauty trend seems like a natural one: It’s all about looking as fresh-faced as possible. Celebrities such as Chrissy Teigen, Kendall Jenner, and Jennifer Lopez have been skipping foundation altogether at events, opting for lighter coverage that looks more like skin than makeup. While it may seem surprising on celebrities who are used to having their faces doctored up for red carpets, even Hollywood’s leading ladies know that less is more when it comes to fashion—and beauty. #Glowing skin isn’t just a status symbol anymore; these days women are going makeup free or embracing minimalism not because they’re lazy but because of necessity.

Natural skin – loving the skin you are in

Beauty-industry insiders agree that good skincare is a foundational step to great makeup. If you don’t take care of your skin, even if you cover it with layers and layers of products, it won’t look as healthy and glowing.  This year the industry is embracing “honest beauty” and that includes blemishes, stretch marks and the end to photo touch ups!  On and off screen the industry is replacing the “fake” vision of being perfect and showcasing honest skin reflections.

Smokey eyes and red lips are still around

While our beauty trends change every year, there are some things that never go out of style. From smokey eyes to red lips, these tried-and-true makeup looks will carry us through. There’s a reason why these classic makeup looks have endured through decades of fashion—because they just look good on everyone! With its sophistication and drama, smokey eyes is sure to keep women looking chic for years to come. And red lipstick? Nothing can replace it. It adds instant glamour and polish to any outfit or occasion. Plus, it’s super versatile: you can wear it alone or pair it with a nude lip liner for an even more dramatic effect. And since both of these timeless styles are so easy to reinterpret with different colours and products, we can expect them to stick around for many years yet! Why not create the ultimate fresh faced glow by using your blush stick on both your cheeks, eyes and lips for that healthy fresh faced radiance.

The difference between cream, stick, and powder blushes

There are three ways to apply blush, depending on your skin type. For drier skin types (which tend to be more mature), using a cream blush is often ideal because it applies moisture smoothly and isn’t as drying on your skin. (Cream blushes are also easy to blend out so you won’t look too done up.) Stick blushes aren’t quite as moisturizing but are very easy to apply—especially if you’re someone who tends to like a lot of colour. Powder blush offers control over how much colour you want, but also feels powdery if applied too heavily, which may not feel as natural for some people. Consider what kind of look you want before deciding which blush type is best for you. Experiment with a blush cream or a blush stick of varying colours to find the one that suits you best for the right occasion.

Some tips for picking your perfect blush colour

First, it’s best to assess your skin tone. If you have fair skin with pink or red undertones, a soft salmon or peach shade is a natural choice for you. If you’re very fair with cool undertones, go for an apricot colour. And if you have darker skin tones, try shades of peachy orange, mauve or rose to add dimension and contrast to your cheeks. However, not all blushes are created equal—some formulas are too powdery or sheer, making them hard to apply evenly. Others settle into fine lines or creases on your face as they wear throughout the day. The best blush sticks are made with a creamy formula that blends easily onto your skin and provides full coverage without looking cakey or heavy. They also stay put all day long, so you can touch up without having to worry about reapplying. When choosing your perfect blush stick, look for one that offers buildable coverage from sheer to intense—so you can customize how much colour you want on your cheeks each time you use it.

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