When you think of exercise, the morning isn’t usually the first time slot that comes to mind. While the midday or evening hours seem to be more flexible and convenient, morning exercise has several benefits that make it the best option if you want to get fit as soon as possible. Here are three reasons why exercise in the morning is the best choice for getting healthy and fit

Start on the right track

Now, there are a lot of factors when it comes to choosing a time that’s right for you. If you need some help starting on the right track, consider these points. First, mornings are more likely to be quiet because other people are still asleep or just starting their day. Second, this is a great time if you’re tired and want to light up your energy for the rest of the day. Third, mornings can boost your mood because exercise promotes positive feelings. An added bonus is for those who are looking to lose some extra weight and lean down, exercising in the morning has a wonderful way of burning fat throughout the rest of the day so take advantage if this is for you!

How to become an early riser

  1. Find an alarm clock that wakes you up gently.
  2. Limit your exposure to artificial light after 8pm at night and make sure your room is dark when it’s time for bed.
  3. Try drinking warm liquids, like tea or water with lemon before bed.
  4. Try listening to white noise like a fan or the rain on your roof while trying to sleep.

Benefits of exercising in the morning

Research has shown that when people work out before work, they are more productive and energized throughout the day. We’re also more likely to eat healthy during the day with exercise being a stress reliever. It can also improve sleep quality because it doesn’t increase cortisol levels as much as working out at night. Lastly, one of my favorite reasons why I enjoy exercising in the morning is that it provides me with energy throughout my workday.

Perfect your early-morning routine

If you get your workout done first thing in the morning, it leaves you free to do as you please during the day. The busier your day gets, the less likely exercise becomes. Your exercise routine will more likely be skipped or postponed and you’ll end up not being able to spare the time you need, if it’s waiting for you at night. Plus, starting your day with exercise provides more energy for work and study and can improve sleep quality at night.

Avoid common mistakes

A mistake that many people make when starting a new exercise routine is that they don’t actually follow through with it. You need to find something you enjoy enough, or at least not hate, so you won’t dread going every morning and can be looking forward to your workout. The best way to do this is by doing exercises you already know how to do but increasing the intensity. So instead of just walking on the treadmill for 15 minutes, set it on an incline and work up to speed. Another common mistake people make is only exercising one body part at a time – cardio can help improve muscle tone too!

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